Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute
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    Xi'an Traffic Engineering Institute is a full-time undergraduate college approved by the Ministry of Education. Founded in 1994, it is the only one general undergraduate institution in Shaanxi Province that specializes in rail transit. The school consists of two campuses, Xi'an Huyi Campus and Gaoxin Campus. The Huyi main campus is located in eastern of Meibei lake, which been called the “Best Place in Guanzhong Landscape”, the famous scenic spot in the capital of Tang Dynasty- Chang’an. 

  The school covers an area of 623 mu41.5 hm2  square hectometer. The total area of the school building is 244,000 square meters, with 29,700 square meters of library building area. The library has collected 500,000 paper books and 500,000 e-books.

  The school has a strong faculty team, and a large number of outstanding teachers with high academic qualifications and senior title. The doctoral and master's degree in the teaching team accounts for nearly 60% of the total number of teachers, and basically forms a doctoral and masters group.
The school's disciplines are mainly based on engineering, and formed a three major groups of rail transit, electrical information and economic management. Currently, there are 15 undergraduate majors and 22 higher vocational majors, with more than 10,000 students. The school adheres to the development idea of “ Build on Quality, strengthen the school through talents developing, revitalizing the school with characteristics, and Culture Casting the School”. In accordance with the construction ideas of “Manifested characteristics, System integration, combining the best, and doing their best”, the school has built a rail transit discipline and specialty large system and centralize the resources of the whole school to support the construction of the system.

   The school is the only member of the private colleges and universities of the China Vocational Education Association Rail Transit Committee, Professor Zhang Jinsheng -the schoolmaster- is the executive director of the professional committee; the member of the "Sino-Russian Transportation University Presidents Union - China Rail Transit Applied Technology Talents Alliance"; A Member Unit of China Urban Rail Transit Association.

   The "Ministry of Education - ZTE ICT Production and Education Integration and Innovation Base" is one of the bases for the training of innovative applied technology talents jointly established by the Ministry of Education and ZTE in 30 universities across the country and it’s the only base co-building contracted school in Shaanxi province.

   At present, the school has established four provincial-level key major in communication technology, urban rail transit operation management, electrical automation technology, urban rail transit control, highlighting the professional group construction advantages of rail transit and electrical information.

   The school’s “Urban Rail Transit Training Base” and the “Metro Vehicle Structure and Application Training Base” were identified as “provincial higher vocational education training base” and “provincial high vocational demonstration training base”. A new 23,000m2 practical teaching center was built, and has built a 425-meter rail transit comprehensive practice base, which include electrified railway line and supporting electric rail car, communication signal system, traction substation and station. Meanwhile, by cooperating with enterprises and institutions, the school has built 22 internship training bases.

   Xi’an Traffic Engineering Institute has taken active measures to exploring varies channels for employment of graduate, and established a school-enterprise partnership with more than 70 companies. In recent years, the employment rate has remained above 95%.



(1) High-tech Campus 

No.1, Ganjiazhai, High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province,  

Postcode: 710065  

(2) Hiyi Campus

No. 1 Meibei West Road, Huyi District, Xi'an, Shaanxi Province

Postcode: 710300


Tel(0086 29) 89028888; 89028188; 88235888