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1. Everything ________ if Albert hadn’t called the fire brigade. 
   A. will be destroyed        B. will have destroyed
   C. would have destroyed     D. would have been destroyed
2. But that he came to help me, I ________.
   A. could not have succeeded   B. did not succeed
   C. could not succeed          D. can’t but succeed
3. Many students and teachers urged that the library _______ during the vacation.
   A. should keep open        B. would be kept open
   C. is kept open            D. be kept open
4. It’s about time people _____ notice of what women did during the war.
   A. take   B. took   C. have taken   D. will take
5. The business is risky. But ________, we would be rich.
   A. should we succeed       B. might we succeed
   C. would we succeed        D. could we succeed
6. It seems to be high time that this argument ______ put to an end.
   A. must   B. is   C. were   D. should
7. ________ right now, she would get there on Sunday.
   A. Would she leave         B. Were she to leave
   C. If she leaves           D. If she had left
8. It is important that enough money ________ to fund the project.
   A. be collected            B. is collected
   C. must be collected       D. can be collected
9. Had he worked harder, he ________ the exams.
   A. must have got through     B. would have got through
   C. would get through         D. could get through
10.The mad man was put in the soft-padded cell lest he ______ himself.
   A. injure    B. had injured    C. injured    D. would injure
11.You don’t have to be in a hurry. I would rather you ______ on business first.
   A. would go    B. will go    C. went    D. have gone
12.We are all for your proposal that the discussion ________.
   A. be put off   B. was put off    C. should put off   D. is to put off
13.I’d rather you _____ make any comment on the issue for the time being.
   A. don’t    B. wouldn’t    C. didn’t    D. shouldn’t 
14.If I hadn’t stood under the ladder to catch you when you fell, you _______ now.
   A. wouldn’t be smiling      B. couldn’t have smiled
   C. won’t smile              D. didn’t smile
15. _______ the flood, the ship would have reached the destination on time.
   A. In case of   B. Because of   C. But for   D. In spite of 
16. The traffic was very heavy, otherwise I _______ here 30 minutes ago.
   A. should be   B. would be   C. would have been   D. had been
17. I enjoyed the party. Still, I’d rather _______ to the theater.
   A. to be going   B. go   C. to go   D. went
18. _____ your help, I would not have succeeded.
   A. But that   B. But for   C. But if   D. Thanks to
19. It was essential that the application forms ______ be back on time.
   A. must be sent  B. was sent  C. be sent  D. were sent
20. If John had told me in advance, I ________ him at the airport.
   A. would meet                 B. will meet
   C. am going to meet           D. would have met


1. A healthy life is thought to be _______ with the open countryside and homegrown food.
   A. tied    B. bound    C. involved    D. associated
2. The traditional approach _______ with complex problems is to break them down into smaller, more easily managed problems.
   A. to dealing    B. in dealing    C. dealing    D. to deal
3. Young adults _______ older people are more likely to prefer pop songs.
   A. other than    B. more than    C. less than    D. rather than
4. Mr. Moran can be very sad ________, though in pubic he is extremely cheerful.
   A. by himself   B. in person   C. in private   D. as individual
5. Some old people don’t like pop songs because they can’t ______ so much noise.
   A. resist    B. sustain    C. tolerate    D. undergo
6. Convenience foods which are already prepared for cooking are _______ in grocery stores.
   A. ready     B. approachable    C. probable    D. available
7. It is reported that ________adopted children want to know who their natural parents are.
   A. the most    B. most of    C. most    D. the most of
8. You cannot be _______ careful when you drive a car.
   A. very    B. so    C. too    D. enough
9. The old couple decided to _______ a boy and a girl though they had three children of their own.
   A. adapt    B. bring    C. receive    D. adopt
10.The soldier was ______ of running away when the enemy attacked.
   A. scolded    B. charged    C. accused    D. punished
11. The bridge was named ____ the hero who gave his life for the cause of the people.
   A. after      B. with       C. by        D. from
12. There were no tickets ____ for Friday’s performance.
   A. preferable      B. considerable      C. possible      D. available
13. ____ students with a little common sense should be able to answer the question.
   A. Each      B. Any      C. Either      D. One
14. ___ with the size of the whole earth ,the highest mountain does not seem high.
   A. When compared    B. Compare    C. While comparing    D. Comparing
15. The rain was heavy and ___ the land was flooded.
   A. consequently   B. continuously  C. constantly  D. consistently
16. The manager promised to keep me ___ of how our business was going on.
   A. to be informed    B. on informing    C. informed  D. informing
17. ___ we have finished the course, we shall start doing more revision work.
   A. For now      B. Now that     C. Ever since      D. By now
18. It was difficult to guess what her ___ to the news would be.
   A. impression     B. reaction     C. comment     D. opinion
19. We are interested in the weather because it ___ us so directly---what we wear, what we do, and even how we feel.
   A. benefits     B. affects     C. guides      D. effects
20. Children are very curious ___ .
   A. at heart     B. in person     C. on purpose     D. by nature


   Learning a foreign language has been a most trying experience for me, but one that I wouldn’t trade for anything. Not only did learning another language teach me the value of hard work, but it also gave me insights into another culture, and my mind was opened to new ways of seeing things. The most wonderful  result of having learned a foreign language was that I could communicate with many more people than before. Talking with people is one of my favorite activities. So being able to speak a new language lets me meet new people, participate in conversations, and form new, unforgettable friendships. Now that I speak a foreign language, instead of staring into space when English is being spoken, I can participate and make friends. I am able to reach out to others and bridge the gap between my language and culture and theirs.


1. Significance  significant
Great significance should be attached to…
2. Indispensable 
It is universally acknowledged that career is an indispensable part in one’s life. 
3. beneficial and essential
It is beneficial and essential for our college students to take some part-time jobs.
4. account for 
There are some reasons that can account for this phenomenon.
5. broaden our horizons, enrich our life experience and enlarge the scope of knowledge 
6. We shouldn’t ignore the unavoidable disadvantages of…
7. The first point of view has a lot to recommend.
I am in total agreement with the claim that…
Weighing the arguments of both sides, I maintain that…
8. The majority of individuals argue that…
9. Studying abroad enables students to keep pace with the latest development in the academic field. 
10. In the contemporary society, a growing number of people are beginning to realize that…