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1. ________ the lightening when I heard a clap of thunder.
   A. No sooner had I seen     B. No more than I had seen
   C. Scarcely had I seen      D. Not until I had seen
2. It is during his spare time _______ John has been studying a course in English.
   A. when     B. where     C. that     D. as
3. All animals need air and _______.
   A. so plants do  B. so need plants  C. so do plants  D. plants are so
4. In no way ______ smoke in the air-conditioned bus.
   A. passengers can             B. are passengers permitted
   C. passengers are permitted   D. are permitted passengers to
5. Little _______ that he would fulfill his task so rapidly.
   A. we expected  B. did we expect  C. do we expect  D. we expect
6. Only when you have occupied sufficient materials _______ come to a sound conclusion.
   A. can you    B. you can    C. you will    D. you are to
7. No sooner had the bell rung _______.
   A. when the class began        B. than the class began
   C. while the class began       D. then the class began
8. ________ the first to use nuclear weapons.
   A. At no time China will be    B. Never China will be
   C. At no time will China be    D. Will China never be
9. ______ Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations that Jim Green was fascinated by economic theory.
   A. After reading               B. It was reading  
   C. It was after reading        D. Having read
10.Not until I shouted at the top of my voice _______ his head.
   A. that he turned             B. did he turn
   C. he didn’t                 D. he had turned
11.Wood does not conduct electricity, _______.
   A. so do rubber               B. so does rubber
   C. nor does rubber            D. nor rubber does
12. ________ in the traffic accident that she had to be sent to the hospital at once.
   A. So seriously Rosa was injured    B. So seriously injured was Rosa
   C. So injured seriously was Rosa     D. So seriously injured Rosa was
13. Only by making wise use of land _______ to find a solution to the problem of hunger and famine.
   A. we can be   B. we will be able   C. will we be able  D. can we 
14. The medal did not cost much, _______ very good.
   A. or was it   B. nor was it   C. or did it   D. nor did it
15. ________ his speech than the audience began to ask him some difficult questions.
   A. The speaker had finished no sooner
   B. No sooner have the speaker finished
   C. The speaker had no sooner finished 
   D. No sooner the speaker finished
16. ______ absurd was his manner that everyone stared at him.
   A. Such       B. Too      C. So     D. Much
17. Not until Mr. Smith came to China _________ what kind of country she is.
   A. he knew   B. he didn’t know  C. did he know  D. he couldn’t know
18. Young ______ she was, she was equal to the task.
   A. as       B. because      C. if      D. unless
19. Not only _________ a promise, but also she kept it.
   A. does the manager make       B. did the manager make
   C. the manager made            D. the manager makes
20. Only after the students have mastered the rules of pronunciation _____.
   A. can they memorize words more easily
   B. when can they memorize words more easily
   C. then they can memorize words more easily
   D. when they can memorize words more easily


1. ____ that my head had cleared, my brain was also beginning to work much better.
   A. For     B. Now     C. Since     D. in
2. The man in the corner confessed to ______ a lie to the manager of the company.
   A. have told   B. be told   C. being told   D. having told
3. By 1929, Mickey Mouse was as popular ______ children as Coca-cola.
   A. for         B. in        C. to        D. with
4. Although punctual himself, the professor was quite used _______ late for his lecture.
   A. to have students           B. for students’ being
   C. for students to be         D. to students’ being
5. You should have been more patient ______ the customer.
   A. of          B. with        C. for        D. at
6. The match was canceled because most of the members ___ a match without a standard court.
   A. objected to having          B. were objected to have 
   C. objected to have            D. were objected to having
7. I appreciate ___ to your home.
   A. to be invited            B. to have invited  
   C. having invited           D. being invited
8. I hope my teacher will take my recent illness into ___ when judging my examination.
   A. regard     B. counting     C. account     D. observation
9. Important people don’t often have much free time as their work ___ all their time.
   A. takes away    B. takes over    C. takes up     D. takes in
10.This box is too heavy, ________ give me a hand?
   A. would you mind          B. would you please  
   C. will you like to        D. will you please to
11._______ he works hard, I don’t mind when he finishes the experiment.
   A. As soon as   B. As well as   C. So far as   D. So long as
12. Many people complain of the rapid ___ of modern life.
   A. rate      B. speed      C. pace       D. growth
13. There’s little chance that mankind would ___ a nuclear war.
   A. retain     B. endure     C. maintain     D. survive
14. Nuclear science should be developed to benefit the people___ harm them.
   A. more than     B. other than     C. rather than    D. better than
15. He made such a___ contribution to the university that they are naming one of the new buildings after him.
   A. genuine     B. minimum     C. modest     D. generous
16. Mr. Johnson preferred ___ heavier work to do.
   A. to be given    B. to be giving    C. to have given  D. having given
17. I remember ___ to help us if we ever got into trouble. 
   A. once offering  B. him once offering C. him to offer D.to offer him
18.They are going to have the serviceman _______ an electric fan in the office tomorrow.
   A. install    B. to install    C. to be installed    D. installed
19.The car _______ halfway for no reason.
   A. broke of   B. broke down   C. broke up   D. broke out
20.A ______ to the problem is expected to be found before long.
   A. result    B. response    C. settlement    D. solution


   He has been gone many years now, but I think of him often. I wonder if he sensed my reluctance to be seen with him during our walks. If he did, I am sorry I never told him how sorry I was, how unworthy I was? How I regretted it. I think of him when I complain about trifle, when I am envious of another’s good fortune, when I don’t have a “good hear”.
   At such times I put my hand on his arm to regain my balance, and say, “You set the pace. I will try to adjust to you.”
The idea of becoming a writer had come to me off and on since my childhood in Belleville, but it wasn’t until my third year in high school that the possibility took hold. Until then I had been bored by everything associated with English courses. I found English grammar dull and difficult. I hated the assignments to turn out long, lifeless paragraphs that were agony for teachers to read and for me to write.
1. Undoubtedly, ….  It goes without saying that…
2. In recent days, a growing number of museums are open free to the public home and abroad, which has aroused universal appeal among our young students.
3. Only by taking some joint efforts can we find a solution to the problem. Some effective measures should be taken to deal with the problem. 
4. Recently, the phenomenon of …has aroused people’s concern.
5. There is a heated controversy over whether students should go abroad to pursue their study. It is quite natural that different people have different attitudes to it. I am of the opinion that…
6. According to a recent survey, the majority of individuals have a pleasant association with…
7. There is a growing tendency that a growing number of individuals are beginning to realize that…
8. The authorities concerned should take some effective measures to enhance the awareness of the college students that … plays an essential and profound role in our life.
9. Undoubtedly, … is beneficial to…
10. cultivate the creative and independent thinking