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1. He claimed _______ at yesterday’s party.
    A. to treat badly              B. to have treated badly
    C. to be badly treated         D. to have been badly treated
2. Do you remember ________ to professor Smith during your last visit?
    A. to be introduced            B. being introduced
    C. having introduced           D. to have introduced
3. The way he talks is simply intolerable. I object to _______ like a child.
    A. treat  B. be treated  C. treating  D. being treated
4. ________, we have to adopt new measures to solve the problem.
    A. So is the situation          B. That being the case
    C. That is the case             D. The situation is so
5. He hurried to the bus stop, _______ the last bus had already left.
    A. only finding            B. only having found 
    C. only to find            D. only to have found
6. Many people are reported _________ in the natural disaster.
    A. being killed                B. to be killed
    C. to have killed              D. to have been killed
7. All games ________ because of the rainstorm, many students could do nothing but study in the classroom.
    A. were cancelled              B. having been canceled
    C. had been canceled           D. have been canceled
8. Nobody ______ any more to say, the meeting was closed.
    A. had    B. has had    C. having    D. had had
9. I forgot _______ something which I have long meant to ask you.
    A. to ask  B. having asked  C. to be asking  D. to have asked
10. _______ some money, Jimmy was able to buy his mother a washing machine.
    A. To save  B. Saving   C. Saved   D. Having saved
11. _______ the sad news, she leaned over the desk and cried bitterly.
    A. To hear   B. To be heard    C. Have heard    D. Having heard
12. No one can avoid _______ by advertisements which can be seen everywhere.
    A. to be influenced        B. being influenced
    C. influencing             D. having influenced
13. _________, they had to speed up.
    A. Time is limited          B. Time was limited
    C. Time being limited       D. Time has been limited
14. The weather ________ fine, they decided to go out for a picnic.
    A. is      B. was     C. being      D. having been
15. It’s no good _________ to his proposal because he will never change his mind.
    A. object   B. to object   C. objecting   D. to have objected
16. I suddenly realized that he was trying to ______ quarrelling with me.
    A. consider   B. avoid   C. enjoy   D. prevent
17. All things _________, the planned trip will have to be cancelled.
    A. considering                 B. having considered
    C. be considered               D. considered 
18. John worked late into the night, ________ a speech for tomorrow’s meeting.
    A. preparing   B. to prepare   C. was preparing   D. prepared
19. _________a solution to the problem of water shortage, we have to put all our efforts together.
    A. To work out  B. Working out  C. Work out  D. Being worked out
20. Smith regretted _______ to the meeting yesterday.
    A. not going B. not having been going  C. not to go  D. not to be going

1. I have had a great deal of trouble ___ the rest of the class.
    A. coming up against        B. making up for 
    C. keeping up with          D. living up to
2. Homework ___on time will lead to better grades.
    A. done     B. be done     C. having done    D. to have been done
3. I want to buy a new tie to ___ this brown suit.
    A. go into    B. go after    C. go with    D. go buy
4. I can’t ___ what that object is.
    A. make up    B. make over    C. make out   D. make for
5. Jack is good, kind, hard-working and intelligent; ___,I can’t speak too highly of him.
    A. as a result  B. in a word  C. by the way  D. on the contrary
6. A Dream Of the Red Chamber is said___ into dozens of languages in the last decade.
    A. to have been translated         B. to translate
    C. to be translated                D. to have translated
7. They are considering ___ before the prices go up.
    A. of buying the house              B. with buying the house  
    C. buying the house                 D. to buy the house
8. ___ such a good chance, he planned to learn more.
    A. To be given   B. Having been given  C. Having given  D. Giving
9. Only by shouting at the top of his voice ___.
    A. was he able to make himself hear B. he was able to make himself hear
    C. he was able to make himself heard D.was he able to make himself heard
10.I have two boys but ___of them likes sweets.
    A. both     B. neither    C. either     D. none
11. No agreement was reached in the discussion as neither side would give way to ___.
    A. the other   B. any other   C. another   D. other
12. The factory had to _________ a number of employees because of the economic decline in the factory.
    A. lay out    B. lay off   C. lay aside   D. lay down
13. Keep you indoors and don’t _______ your skin to the sun in summer.
    A. explode     B. express    C. expose    D. expand
14. The pilot tried many times to lift the plane but _______.
    A. in consequence  B. in vain   C. in effect   D. in order
15. --Would you like some coffee?
   ---Yes, please. By the way, do you have any milk? I prefer coffee _____ milk.
    A. from     B. with   C. to   D. for
16. Your composition is very good ______ a few spelling mistakes.
    A. except  B. except for  C. besides  D. except that
17. John plays football _______, if not better than David.
    A. as well   B. as well as   C. so well  D. so well as
18. I enjoy learning English _______ it takes me a lot of time.
    A. unless   B. though   C. because   D. for
19. The lady is always ______ in white at the party.
    A. wearing   B. dressing   C. worn   D. dressed
20. Roy made several kites, but ______ of them can fly really high in the sky.
    A. neither   B. none    C. all    D. most

   I prepared for an unfruitful year with Mr. Fleagle and for a long time was not disappointed. Late in the year we tackled the informal essay. Mr. Fleagle distributed a homework sheet offering us a choice of topics. None was quite so simple-minded as “What I did on my summer vacation,” but most seemed to be almost dull. I took the list home and did nothing until the night before the essay was due. Lying on the sofa, I finally faced up to the unwelcome task, took the list out of m notebook, and scanned it. The topic on which my eye stopped was “the art of eating Spaghetti.”
   Whether we like it or not, the world we live in has changed a great deal in the last hundred years, and it is likely to change even more in the next hundred. Some people would like to stop these changes and go back to what they see as a purer and simpler age. But as history shows, the past was not that wonderful. It was not so bad for a privileged minority, though even they had to do without modern medicine, and childbirth was highly risky for women. But for the vast majority of the population, life was nasty, brutish and short.
1. build up a harmonious relationship between … and ….
2. Those who disapprove of this new trend believe that…One common argument for…is that…
3. No one can doubt the essential fact that… has aroused wide public concern all over the world. 
4. Not only should ... be taken into consideration, but also….
5. It is an undeniable fact that…  There is no denying the fact that…
6. In view of the seriousness of the problem, effective measures should be taken before things get worth.
It is high time that we took some effective measures to deal with the problem.
7.The most immediate factor ( reason) that has given rise to this phenomenon is the…
An equally important factor ( reason) that deserves our attention is the…
One more factor ( reason) should not be neglected is…
7. A lot of people seem to fail to take into account the fact that the career is of utmost importance in  one’s life.
8. Contribute to   …has a positive effect on…    …has a negative effect on…     Using bicycle contributes greatly to people’s fitness as well as easing traffic jams.
9. As for me, I am firmly convinced that…
10. There is a growing tendency for parents to ask their children to accept extra educational programs over the recent years.