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1. “When is the concert supposed to start?”
“It ________ now.”
   A. Is about starting          B. was about to start
   B. Is about to start          D. was about starting
2. ____________ your help, I would not have succeeded.
   A. But that  B. But for  C. But if  D. Thanks to
3. It is no _______ talking to him because he will never change his mind.
   A. Help       B. use      C. time      D. way
4. Fujian Province lies _______ the east of China and Taiwan Province is _______ the east of Fujian.
   A. In in      B. to in      C. to to     D. in to
5. ________ full preparation, you won’t not have much chance of success.
   A. After      B. Before      C. With      D. without
6. No sooner had we reached the top of the hill _______ we all sat down to rest.
   A. Until      B. when       C. then      D. than
7. I’d rather you ________ anything about it for the time being.
   A. Don’t do  B. don’t  C. didn’t do  D. didn’t
8. Lisa was busying taking notes _________ Mark was searching the Internet for information.
   A. Until      B. unless      C. while       D. if
9. Since he left the university, he ________ in an accounting company.
   A. Has been working  B. had worked  C. had been working  D. was working
10. There is no doubt_______ you will pass the exam this time.
   A. Whether     B. that     C. if    D. what
11. The house was sold for $6000, which was far more than its real _______.
   A. Money       B. payment      C. value      D. profit
12. Sorry, we cannot _______ you the job because you don’t have any work experience.
   A. make     B. send      C. offer     D. prepare
13. When I was in the waiting room at the station yesterday. I read a magazine in order to ________ time.
   A. Spend       B. kill       C. take       D. waste
14. Because of the mist, none of those who saw the flying object could tell its _______ shape. 
   A. Steady      B. precise      C. likely        D. rigid
15. So far as is known, the original manuscripts of Shakespeare’s plays are no longer in ________.
   A. Evidence       B. emphasis       C. emergency        D. existence
16. The speaker did not mention many facts, so we asked him to be more _________.
   A. Specific       B. special        C. particular       D. respective
17. The satellite was launched into ________ around the moon.
   A. Circle         B. orbit          C. path          D. way
18. Would you mind keeping a(an) ________ on our house while we are away?
   A. Hand           B. look           C. eye          D. mind
19. It is so hot. You should put the food into the refrigerator now. Otherwise, it will _______ soon.
   A. Harm           B. hurt           C. spoil         D. damage
20. The idea sounds very good. But will it work in ________?
   A. Practice        B. place         C. advance       D. theory
21. However much ________, it will be worth it.
   A. Does the watch cost            B. costs the watch
   B. The watch will costs           D. the watch costs
22. You should do as much as we can ________ our country better and more beautiful.
   A. Make            B. to make          C. makes        D. making
23. He would have paid __________ for the house if the salesgirl had insisted because he really wanted it.
   A. Twice as much   B. much as twice    C. as much twice  D. twice much as
24._______ from the moon, our earth, with water _________ seventy percent of its surface, appears as a “blue ball.”
   A. Seen  covering  B. Seen  covered  C. Seeing  covering  D. Seeing  covered 
25.It takes courage for one _______ the huge task.
   A. to be faced up to         B. facing up to
   C. faces up to               D. to face up to
26.The young man lost his job last month, but it wasn’t long _______ hr found a new position in this company.
   A. after      B. while     C. as     D. before
27.Color-blind people often find it difficult to _______ between red and green.
   A. separate    B. compass    C. distinguish    D. contrast
28.There are three colors in the British flag, _______ red, white and blue.
   A. rarely      B. namely     C. really      D. actually
29.To obtain a visa to that country for the first time, you need to apply_______.
   A. in part     B. in person     C. in turn      D. in time
30.Do you think he spilled the soup _______ purpose so that he wouldn’t have to eat it?
   A. for        B. with       C. by       D. on
31.The pilot tried to lift the plant but _______.
   A. in consequence   B. in vain     C. in effect       D. in order
32. She _______ her trip to New York because she was ill.
   A. called off   B. put up   C. closed down    D. went off
33. It is high time that such practices ________.
   A. are ended    B. were ended    C. be ended    D. must be ended
34. Professor Wang, ________ for his informative lectures, was warmly received by his students.
   A. knowing     B. to be known    C. known     D. having known
35. The residents, _______ had been damaged by the fire, were given help by the Red Cross.
   A. all of their homes         B. whose all homes
   C. all their homes            D. all of whose homes
36. We would like to _______ a table for five for dinner this evening.
   A. preserve   B. reserve   C. deserve   D. sustain
37. Mark often attempts to escape ________ whenever he breaks traffic regulations.
   A. having been fined       B. to have been fined
   C. being fined             D. to be fined
38. Having no money but _______ to know, he simply said he would go without dinner.
   A. not to want anyone       B. wanted no one
   C. not wanting anyone       D. to want no one
39. She never laughed, __________ lose her temper.
   A. or she ever did          B. or did she ever
   C. nor did she ever         D. nor she ever did
40. The rain was heavy and _________ the land was flooded.
   A. consequently           B. constantly
   C. continuously           D. consistently


Thousands of years ago, ten of our very distant ancestors were hungry. They went out and picked berries or dug up roots to eat. Four of them chose poisonous food and died. The remaining six noticed that their food was safe to eat. They told their children, who, in turn, passed the message on to their descendants. In this way, habit became a vital factor in the survival of mankind : if you ate the right plant, you lived; if you wanted to make your own experiments, you would probably die.
The importance of habit on the survival of the human species is an interesting matter. Even today, most of us hesitate when we are invited to eat a new type of food or drink something we have not tasted before. Even if the food or drink is offered by a friend, we are usually not at all anxious to experiment and accept the offer.
When you get up tomorrow morning, notice which shoe or sock you put on first. Then notice which one you put on first on other days. You may discover that  you tend to put on one shoe or sock first every day, and that  if you are right-handed, you usually deal with your left shoe or sock first. If you try to change this habit, you may find it uncomfortable or annoying, and you will soon return to your old habit.
When it comes to other matters, we often follow a fixed pattern. We sleep in one or two favorite ways. We often follow familiar routes even when they are not the shortest or best. We often wear a watch on the same wrist even when there is no real reason for doing so. In hundreds of other ways, we show that we are creatures of habit, following fixed patterns of behavior. This characteristic can help us to survive but it can be a barrier to progress too. We must be alert and not let a beneficial factor become a harmful one.
1.The best title for this passage might be _____.
A.Habit—a Barrier to Progress          B.The Survival of Mankind
C.Various Patterns of Human Behavior    D.We Are Creatures of Habit
2.The first paragraph of this passage is mainly about______.
A.the danger of making experiments
B.the importance of habit in the survival of mankind
C.the food our distant ancestors ate
D.the behavior of younger generations
3.Which of the following statements is TRUE according to Paragraph 2?
A.Habit can be harmful to the development of mankind.
B.People usually like to taste new things at the risk of their lives.
C.Most people hesitate to eat new things they have never tasted before.
D.People are usually willing to try a new food if it is offered by a friend.
4. The example shown in Paragraph 3 proves that ______.
A. it is difficult to change a habit
B. habit can be changed easily
C. shoes and socks are essential in our daily life
D. everyone puts on shoes and socks in the morning whether he is right-handed or left-handed
5. From the last paragraph we know that in the writer’s opinion______.
A. habit can never become a harmful factor
B. people develop all their habits with good reasons
C. habit will always help people to make progress
D. People often behave in fixed patterns


Television is the greatest communication medium ever designed and operated by man. It sends into the human brain an 【1】______ amount of opinions and information and 【2】______ moral and artistic standards for all of us. Every minute of a television programme teaches us something. It is never neutral (中立的) 【3】______ . For example, how and when public issues are 【4】______ depends in large part 【5】______ how they are treated by the television networks in entertainment 【6】______ news and public affairs programmes. What the American people think about government and politics in 【7】______ , as well as a favorite candidate in 【8】______ , is largely influenced by 【9】______ .
Unfortunately, commercial television seldom 【10】______ anything of value to our lives. Many American express a deep hostility (敌意) 【11】______ television because they know most TV programmes are 【12】______ poor quality and that something these programmes are even 【13】______ .
The question is: how can television be improved? There are many things the ordinary 【14】______ can do. For example, he 【15】______ complain to his local TV stations about offensive advertising. He can 【16】______ citizens' groups to urge local TV stations to 【17】______ their programmes. 【18】______ these groups should propose regular analyses of special TV commercials and programmes by educators, doctors, etc. to 【19】______ the influence of these programmes on children and adults. Television can be our most exciting medium if we just think about 【20】______ to improve it.
1.A.endless  B.ending  C.ended  D.end
2.A.finds  B.absorbs  C.sets  D.mends
3.A.consequence  B.influence  C.result  D.purpose
4.A.talked  B.handled  C.watched  D.noticed
5.A.over  B.in  C.above  D.on
6.A.as  well  as  B.also  C.but  D.together
7.A.all  B.short  C.general  D.name
8.A.particular  B.special  C.instance  D.individual
9.A.entertainment  B.news  C.programmes  D.television
10.A.damages  B.contributes  C.hands  D.takes
11.A.toward  B.in  C.on  D.over
12.A.with  B.in  C.of  D.among
13.A.serious  B.harmful  C.attractive  D.long
15.A.can  B.does  C.should  D.ought to
16.A.call  B.gather  C.organize  D.make
17.A.view  B.improve  C.continue  D.exchange
18.A.As a result  B.As a matter of fact
   C.In contrast  D.In addition
19.A.determine  B.refuse  C.involve  D.receive
20.A.tracks  B.roads  C.ways  D.programmes